Feedback on Tressa Smooth Operator

Hoping for any feedback on using the Tressa Smooth Operator for frizz control.  I am simply over the frizz.  I have gotten a deep conditioner by my stylist every 3-4 weeks but it really isn't having a long term effect. For the first few days post-conditioning treatment my hair is soft and curls are defined but by my second wash, it is back to the same.My stylist has recommended the Tressa Smooth Operator system to reduce my frizz.  She said it may loosen my curl a bit, which is fine considering my curl is kinkier post-pregnancy.  Less kinky curl with no frizz sounds exactly like what I am looking for. I do NOT straighten my hair with a flat iron or attempt to wear it straight so that is not the ultimate goal with considering the Tressa Smooth Operator system. Hoping for feedback from someone. 

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