[fermented] rice water rinse

I recently learned that rice water is the new [ancient] Japanese secret of the Yao women.  Since I'm not fond of putting anything in my hair JUST to follow a trend - i'd like to know if anyone has tried rice water rinsing in recent months? More specifically, if you are using or have seen progress in others using rice water rinses over the course of several months on natural hair? if so, what were your results? if you know of any Ytube vids, would you mind sharing the link[s]?  I'm looking for the quality of hair growth and increased thickness for curly girls and want to see what it looks like in 'before-after' scenarios in pictures.  so far, i've only seen people mixin' up the 'potion' but no one has shown i.e, 'this is what my hair used to look like before i started - but now it looks like this....' I'm interested in seeing how curly hair responds to consistent weekly rice water rinsing over time = 6 months or more.Thank you & i am looking forward to your responses!

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