How to fix hair that looks heat damaged but is not? (read details)

My hair is naturally long with ringlet type curls. On the left side of my head, there is a piece(closest to my face) that does not curl and the ends feel extremely heat damaged but i never use heat on my hair. I have gotten a trim to try and fix it, but it happened again. My friends joke and call it a dread because that is what it looks like... why is this happening and what can i do to fix it?

1 Answer

I would suggest a protein treatment, reason being 1. Hair that wont curl back can be because of lack of elasticity. and 2. because I had this problem with the very back of my hair and just did a protein treatment recently and it worked for me lol. I haven't heat styled my hair but once of my 3 years of being natural and that was 2 years ago so I know what you mean. I also deep condition once a week or every time I wash my hair rather.Click this to learn how to restore your curl pattern.I hope this helps love :)!