frustrated, about to cut off all my curly hair, help

tired of this and dealing with everything that has to do with curly hair what should i do

3 Answers

Might I ask: What is the biggest problem you're dealing with? What does your everyday routine consist of? Don't give up :)
wash day every other day, co wash n 3 times a month clarify shampoo, wash n go's, mainly, loc method, it seems to have stopped growing its a shoulder length now. I have ombre red ends and I am tired of the color, but dnt want to recolor, last color was in may, right now i have in a bun its at its last 5 day hair, a rats nest and I am not looking forward to washing, HEELP!!, what do ya think?
I'm going to publish an article today for you :) Stay tuned-- it will be on the home page.