Getting my childhood curls back?! Please help!

Hey guys so I just joined this site with one goal in mind and I decided to ask this question to get more tips! I am polynesian so I have pretty thick hair but it's naturally not wavy like most it's actually really curly. Ever since I was I was younger I straightened my hair almost EVERY day and I didn't even hear of a heat protectant until years of damage. As you can imagine my curls are completely gone, and I found this website while trying to get them back! Currently my hair is cut shorter than it used to be, and damaged ends with no curl at all just really frizzy waves. I remember when I was younger I used to co-wash, not on purpose but for the plain fact that I just didn't like the way shampoo felt haha I didn't even know co-washing was a thing! I also used relaxers now and then even though I didn't need it (I guess I'm telling you this for a background story) but what I really need is tips for helping me get back my curls! I'm sick of having dry frizzy hair with no texture at all, do you guys think co-washing again will help me again or? I want to be able to wear it natural again :(

1 Answer

If it's totally fried you may just have to wait for new growth. But you can try weekly deep treatments. Also use leave-in conditioners, and maybe try using some oils, like jojoba.