Getting volume on top

This is as much of an answer as a question. I had problems with the top of my head drying flat with no volume. As well as plopping overnight or for a little while after the shower to help dry without gravity, I've also been having my hair dry in a different part then I actually wear and then switching to my normal part (from middle to side). Because I don't brush my hair after I rinse the conditioner out, I have to make those side parts (on both sides in case one looks better than the other) while I'm conditioning, after brushing but before rinsing. Flipping that section over after the curls have dried gives me some great faux volume on top from those flipped over curls. Thought I'd share this method since I haven't seen it done on any of the tutorials or forums I've seen. Does anyone else have any secrets of the trade? (Though I don't think I have the patience for clipping) 

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