What are good gels to use for natural curly hair?

I use Aussie moist conditioner and Shea moisture coconut & hibiscus curling gel soufflé but recently my gel finished and I don't wanna pay that much right now so I'm wondering what other gels are good for curly hair? What about the LA Looks line? 

2 Answers

I rediscovered Eco Styler Olive Oil gel and its great at keeping my curls in tact for 4 days before I feel I should refresh my hair. It's no more than $5 and can be found in any beauty supply store or drugstore. 
I have thick 3b/c curls and my favorite gels are: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel- it's $5 for a 32 oz. vat at Sally's and works super goodHerbal Essences Totally Twisted Gel-$3.99I don't like the la looks/la Bella gels.  They make my hair feel "squeaky" and r very drying and u have to use a lot