Good hair products for type 3a/3b FINE hair?

Hey!I am an 18-year-old white girl who for YEARS have struggled finding great hair products that won't weigh my hair down. It's dry, pretty fine strands, although I've got a lot of it. some are more s-shaped curls while some are ringlets. I want definition, bounciness, softness and greatness haha.I find that thin kinda runny products work the best for styling, have any in mind? And again they shouldn't be thick or too moisturising or it'll weigh my hair down.. :(Recently tried the Giovanni Direct Leave-in conditioner, "weightless moisture" it says - not weightless on my hair at all! Weighed it down so much, and was kinda sticky too :( 

1 Answer

I really would like the answers to this question as well. I'm 17 mostly white with fine 3b hair and am struggling as well. Products weigh down my hair and I hate the shape my curls make when it's flat against my head. Lately I've just been using conditioner to style. The volume is adequate but the hold is next to nothing. I've heard Eco-Styler is lighter than a lot of gels so I'll try that. Plus it's cheap.