What are some good products for 3A curly Twirly hair?

i want a styling product that will make my curls defined and not frizzy. No gels 

3 Answers

Check out these styling creams. If you don't like gel I recommend trying any one of these: Best Styling Creams voted by NaturallyCurly Editors Or try out a cream gel. It's pretty much the same thing as styling cream but it has more hold. These were voted the best cream gels by the NaturallyCurly editors. Mousse is also great. These three were voted the best mousses for curly hair.Good rule of thumb: find something that is not too thick or heavy so you don't weigh down your curls. Have fun trying products! 
Try leave-in conditioner or something designed to give "beachy" hair.
I highly recommend AG Hair Re:coil curl activator cream. I have 3a hair with some 3b and I have been using this for the past week. I love this product. It makes my hair curlier with good hold. It has a little crunch but very easily scrunched out. It contains potassium chloride (Epsom salt) which helps tighten the bonds within the hair, maximising curls. Awesome product and I couldn't be more happy with it. I discovered this product on CurlTalk. It has excellent reviews. When my hair is about 80% dry I scrunch in a couple pea size amounts of L'oreal everstyle curl defining gel.If a styling product doesn't work or isn't consistent, try experimenting with different ways you wash your hair.