what are some good products to strengthen and moisturise my hair? type 3b

3blow densityfine hairim just wondering about some products to help strengthen and moisturize my hair, as well as reduce frizz. im trying to grow my hair out which is hard with fine hair, also trying to avoid trimming. Tips and suggestions are more than welcome =]see avatar pic for my hair.

1 Answer

If you think your hair is damaged, I would try protein masks every week. You can either  buy or DIY. I personally like DIY since it's so easy to mix together an egg and an oil of your choice. Protein will help strengthen your hair and the oil will lock in moisture. Make sure how you style your hair is CG friendly, like avoiding terry cloth towels and using a satin pillow case to sleep on. Try finger detangling to loosen any knots or tangles you might have, as it is much gentler than using a comb or brush. This is help you avoid any breakage. hope this helps!