What are some good shampoos , conditioners. products or growth aids to use just going fully natural.

i just big chopped my relaxed hair this summer in july. But i have been wearing weave alot but i made the decision to go fully natural this month . But wondering what good natural products would work in my hair.

1 Answer

Hi there,I find the Kinky Curly Come Clean shampoo is fantastic. It lathers up really nicely without containing harsh chemicals or any alcohol, sulphates or silicon. Perfect for if you are prone to product build-up!the Kinky Curly leave-in conditioner is great too. Again, no nasty ingredients, has great slip and can be used as a leave-in as well as a rinse-out as it is nice and light. Perfect for finger-combing and ditching the hairbrushes/combs.For deep conditioning, old fashioned coconut oil has worked best for me. I also find a mixture of egg yolk, honey and olive oil (while not smelling great) does a good job too, but only if your hair takes to protein!Be sure to use heat when deep conditioning, especially if you have high porosity hair. After putting the products in your hair, cover with a shower cap. Then, microwave a damp towel until piping hot and place this over your head. Place a second, more robust shower cap over this and go over your head with a hairdryer on full heat for twenty seconds. Wrap the whole thing up in a towel, leave for half an hour, and rinse using cold water.Hope this helps.