How to gt back your natural curls from damaged hair 3c

Years of relaxing and as well perming my hair has caused it to be thin at the ends and it isn't growing as well. Do you know any daily routine I can do to get my hair back to health. 

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Deep condition 1-2 times a week, monthly protein treatments, regular trims, and protective styles like twists that can later become a twist out and buns (just 3 or 4 days out the week not 24/7). If you do that you can grow out the damage in no time but try not to watch growth too much or you'll feel like its not growing 


use a deep conditioner once a week, 'co-wash' (condition+wash) your hair every few days, and use things like rollers or flexirods to blend your damaged hair with your natural hair until it grows out to a length you'll be happy with--and you can go get them trimmed. 

everytime you co-wash, use a moisturizing oil or butter to lock in hydration and promote hair growth, shine, and health. hope this helps!


Try to be patient, because it might take a while for your hair to grow out. There are a lot of videos on YouTube about getting your hair healthy from heat damage, like the one I attached.

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