My hair (3b) gets very curly at the bottom, but stays flat/straight at the top. Can I fix this?

I get what's called "pyramid head" a lot. I don't know if what's happening to my hair is just my natural hair, if it's because a certain product or because my hair is so fine, or if I could fix it by getting a cute foundation cut. Should I use a new/different product. As of right now I have shoulder length hair 

1 Answer

The SAME thing happens to me. A lot of my problem was weight, My hair is dense but the hairs themselves were fine so they would just pulled straight. I used to be able to sit on my hair, but I cut it to just above boob length and my root have a lot more spring. If your hair isn't long and heavy, it could also be oil. My little sister has hair above her shoulders, curlier than mine, but due to oil her roots are still straight. I'd recommend some volumizing dry shampoo. I also would try drying your hair on top of your head so the curls aren't pulled down by the water weight as it dries.