how to give my hair bit more volume? they also look kind of greasy even though they are not!

I saw that my hair look kind of greasy after I wash them, even though they are not. My curls were really nicely volumed a while ago but now they start to be more flat. Is it because of coconut oil I use, or maybe I should add lees conditioner to them?

2 Answers

Greasiness: What conditioner are you using, if it contains silicones that might be why you have greasy hair. If you put coconut oil on your hair when it is wet, the coconut oil isn't going to soak int your hair (oil and water don't mix), what I do is I put a leaveinconditoner then I put the coconut oil over the top to seal in the moisture. You don't need too much coconut oil. Don't put conditioner on your roots, Co-wash ever 3 days. Volume: Don't put conditioner on your roots, some people don't have a lot of volume, but to create more volume you can pick the underneath of your hair. Good Luck x 
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