hair care routine for type 3c

hi i was wondering what kinda products should you use for type 3c hair? ive never used really a good product and my hair is verryy biggg and thick so its shrinks very easily. maybe slmething that help the shrinkiga? also why do it always apesr knots the strand bottom of my hair? even though i contiotion and deetangle every day? should you use some conditioner or w/e. or tell me a complete hair care routine for curly hair type 3c.

2 Answers

I am 3c also, my hair is very thick and has a lot of shrinkage I've found that curl junkie beauticurls works and there deep conditioner also lush r&b moisturizer is great also. Hope this helps!!
I have 3b/c hair and here is my hair routine. it takes about 7-10 minutes for total wash & style time, I do this routine each day:1. Hop into the shower and cowash with as i am coconut cowash.  2. Condition with Tresemme naturals conditioner, and leave it in ( this will help with frizz) and tie it into a topknot. continue with shower. When you are done getting dressed, wrap shoulders with a microfiber towel.3. I take out my bun, then I apply a quarter sized amount of Mixed Chicks (or whatever styler), and graze my hair with it in downwards motions on the top layer of my hair and my bangs (the part of my hair that frizzes the most). I then appy some to one side of my head, then repeat on the other side, and work it in. Tilt head foward and scrunch to define curls4.  I then keep my hair flipped, and wrap it with the same microfiber towel. it will look like a turban. It takes my hair 45 minutes-1 hour to dry.  I do my makeup and earrings and sit around for that time.5. When my hair is dry, I lay my edges down with curls passion fruit contol paste with my fingers, then part my hair the way I want, and seperate any over chunky curls. I usually accesorize with a headband or cute clip.