Why is my hair in clumps?

I couldn't find another word but yes clump. So basically my hair in the front is looser and the curls in the back shrink a lot more and they dont really curl they just clump together like a giant poof. they curl just a little. The thing thats confusing me is my curls in the back used to be as loose as the ones in front. but now its smaller tighter curls and it shrinks so i look like i have a curly bobcut. But when it's straightened it's all the same length. Did i do something wrong to my hair? My texture in the back completely changed.

2 Answers

Have you tried running a comb through it when you are doing your hair routine? To separate your curls?
try using a deep conditioner , let it set for about 45 minutes to 1hr And as soon as you rinse is style it with a little leave in setting lotion That usually works . Good luck !!