After my hair was colored my curls just went away. How do I get them back?

I've never had any issues with having my hair colored or using heat. A few months ago I went to a different stylist for a cut and color. My hair hasn't been the same since. My beautiful thick curly hair is gone!! She thinned out my hair so much. Now it will curl slightly at the roots and in the back underneath but that's it. Straight as a board everywhere else and I hate it!! Please help me get my curls back!! 

1 Answer

Try a protein treatment. I use Joico's K-pak Deep Reconstructor and alternate that with their Moisture Recovery. The DR always tightens my curls. I've experienced what you're going through. Now when ever I colour my hair I always do it at least a week before an occasion so I have time to get my curls back. Make sure though that you balance the protein with moisture or you'll end up with stiff, brittle hair.