The hair at the crown of my head feels like a different texture and appears not to be growing: why?

1 Answer

The hair at the crown of your head actually might be a different texture and curl pattern. Lots of us have a variety of curl patterns and textures as a result of genetics. The truth is, if you are breathing your hair is growing, so if you feel like you are not seeing any length, then there could be something impacting the hair growth cycle, or something is happening to the ends of your hair that is causing breakage and affecting your length retention. Additionally, if your curl pattern is tighter in the crown, it may appear that it is shorter or not growing because the curls are not as loose or hanging as long as the rest of your hair. Many factors can impact hair growth. Hormonal changes and systemic conditions can slow down the hair growth cycle or change the texture of the hair. If you have experienced trauma to the scalp in that area (from styling, use of chemicals, or injury), follicles may be producing shorter finer hairs. There are so many possibilities and it is difficult to provide a more detailed answer, but hopefully this gives you more insight.