Hair around my crown-area has gone completely straight HELP?

Hi guys,So recently I did a big chop to just start new because I was bored with my hair. I am completely all natural and use no heat on my hair, I have a mix of a 3A and 3B curls.Recently I started using the Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Leave in Conditioner and the Shea Moisture Black Castor Oil Deep Conditioning Masque. I've been using these products for the past 3 months or so and now I've noticed that my crown is completely straight. Both of these products have Keratin in it so is it reasonable to say that the Keratin straightened my curls?I stopped using these products because I honestly want my curls back my hair looks so weird right now. Does anyone know how I can get my curls back or what I should do?

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