My hair only curls when I use a protein treatment

I've been natural for 3 years now, but I'm suffering from heat damage towards the front of my hair (the front is sort of 2b). My hair curls very well in the back but is frizzy, stringy, and stiff towards the front. What should I do? I deep condition everyday

1 Answer

Depends what you deep condition with I suppose. If you hair likes protein, esp up front, then use it! When you have protein overload however, your hair can become stiff and straw like as well. So be sure which it is. I have found my hair doesn't like coconut and aloe vera. It makes it stiff and feel dry and dirty. Now that I have products without it I am so much softer and have better curl formation. Try and figure out which it is. If it truly like the protein then use it. Look at your labels and see if by chance it might not like another ingredient it is being exposed to. It can be a challenge! I know!! But so worth it. Don't give up. :)