Hair cut

I have 3B hair and about breast length. I want to get a cut that first off thins my hair or decreases volume and also gets rid of that triangle effect. Would a layering (such as a v-shape cut) be suitable? I've seen many examples and I think it looks good, but I'm afraid that it might not be cut right and will end up being huge and poofy. How can I cut it myself? In the picture below I like how it starts short around the face and thins out towards the bottom. Also how will the hair grow out ? Will the parts that were cut shorter grow faster or will it all come back to the same length? How can I get my hair to grow longer? (Like in the picture)

2 Answers

This is the picture. I have a similar texture maybe a bit curlier. 
Hello, I'm a licensed hairstylist with 3b hair myself and what you are looking for someone to do is give you over directed increase layers with a heavy concentration in the crown. Once that is done then shatter blades should be used to break up any weight lines so you prevent the "poofy triangle" . I'd also steer clear from anyone using a razor or thinning blades on your hair as it typically will disrupt the curl pattern and leaves you with frayed looking ends. Good luck!