my hair always get damaged no matter what event though i take care of it.

Hi i am a 17 year old eritrean girl and have type 3C curly hair. my mom ha more of a type 3a curly hair. but i wanted o ask you about somthing that Always upset me.  I fuckin hate my hair right now and this is why. my hair grows pretty fast but! i Always have to cut it because of the tangles, worn and knots that appers on my hair ends and its Always frizzy!. i do Everything for my hair. every week i do a Deep condition treatment either coconutoil or egg. i was my hair with a schampo and conditioner  that is extra soft with my hair and contains keratin. after that i pat dry it carefully with my towel. then i out on Almond oild, argan oil and sometimes jojoba oil. i cut all my bad ends and hair about two months ago and let it grow. but i cant let it grow to a long helathy hair because it Always get damaged!i never ever use heat to my hair and sleep with a satin pillowcase. i want my hair to be long but t can never get the chance because i Always cut it =its gets too damaged Before it can grow to the lenght i want. i regret it so much that i cut it my hair used to be so longer. whats even the piont of cutting it if it gets damaged again!? help me please i dont know what i am doing wrong. here are a pics of my hair beofre i cut it .the cut it about 3 inches shorteer. the last one is after i cut it.

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Hi there, you don't sound happy with your hair at the moment and I think almost every curly has been through some kind of frustation, whatever you do don't give up the curls. You said you use shampoo&conditioner, are they sulfate and silicone free?The best way to prevent tangles in the ends of your hair is to moisturize your hair. You might want to put some extra leave in conditioner in the ends of your hair and then lock in the moisture. Locking the moisture is very important, you can use an oil like jojoba oil, olive oil or coconut oil. You could also use a gel after styling it with a leave in to prevent the frizz. And when you do have split and/or damaged hair it definitely IS important to cut them off, otherwise the healthy hair above it might split as well and gets more tangled. Only detangle your hair while it's wet and if necessary a handful of conditioner. If you want to have a certain length of hair you have to focus on having healthy hair, then it will grow longer itself. You'll love your curls again! Hope this helps