Why is my hair different textures during different seasons?

Hi. I am new to this site, but I found it when searching google for the answer to the same question. During the winter, my hair was pretty curly (3b), but now its straighter towards the top and just slightly wavy (with a few curls) towards the bottom. In April, I had my first glue-in for my prom. Since then, I have had two more. Could this have anything to do with it? Or is it just the seasons?

1 Answer

I don't think hair changes through the seasons. I have learned that how your hair is placed within hair follicles predetermines what your hair will be like (straight, wavy and curly) and if you had curly hair to start off with you will have curly hair. However hair does change overtime after puberty, with the fluctuation of hormones and with menopause as I read in an article in this site. Hair can also change with nutrition as well and if you are malnourished your hair may be more brittle and prone to breakage and also dry/dull looking in appearance (but it also depends on hair type as well). Also, it could be due to things you may have done in the past like perming/coloring/relaxing etc.