My hair doesn't bounce or move like other curly hair. Why? What can I do to fix it??

I have a mix of 3A and 3B curly hair. I've always had the problem of frizz. I style my hair and its never bouncy, shiny, healthy looking. My hair doesn't bounce, I can't flip my hair around, nothing. Once it's styled, and if it was successfully tames, I can't touch it one bit or move my hair because it will turn into craziness. Is this normal? If not, what can i do to make my hair more touchable/bouncy/movable/shiny?? Help me! please and Thank you!

2 Answers

First off don't apply so much gel or product. You can also diffuse your hair to lift it off your scalp!:-) Trust me diffusing is the trick!! Look up some videos on YouTube on "How to diffuse naturally curly hair." Another thing is to apply clips to the root of your scalp to get more volume. Volume makes your hair bouncer. Do hot oil treatments and the not to use products with ingredients that have alcohol, protein or keratin that can make your hair dry and crunchy. Only use products with protein and keratin once a month. The next tip is to embrace those curls!! Let them dry without any products and see if your curls are different then with products! I also got my hair layered which added so much volume rather than one straight cut which can weigh down your hair down!.:-) Last tip, scrunched your hair and try to only use one product to see if it makes a difference! Hope this helps! P.S. I attached a "How to diffuse your hair video". Hope it helps!!!
The previous answer was really good, I'll just add, is your hair short and thick like mine? I am growing mine and notice that every inch of length adds more movement.