My hair doesn't respond to moisturizing products...?

I am mixed race with, I guess 3b hair. Very high density, about waist length when straight. Unlike most girls I talk to with curly hair, my hair isn't dry... At all. Like, I have never experienced this "dry, weak, brittle" feeling that so many describe if they have neglected their hair for a while. (To give you an idea, I often shampoo [yes, sulfates,  not moisturizing shampoo, just regular, cheap shampoo] my hair daily during the summer months, and I can use products with "drying" alcohols in them, with no dryness or breakage occurring.)My problem (if it's even a problem) is my hair does not respond to moisturizing products, specifically stylers. I've tried quite a few "curl creams", lotions, "styling smoothies" hair "milks", and the like... And I just don't get the results others describe. The products just sit on top of my hair, and instead of encouraging my curls to clump and sit nicely, it breaks them apart, and actually causes my hair to frizz and become really stringy.  I don't get this feeling of my hair being soft and "deeply moisturized", in fact it just feels so sloppy and dirty that I end up washing it immediately.My Question is:  Why does my hair respond this way? Is there a problem to be resolved, and if not, what should I do instead?

2 Answers

Its seems that you may not have found a product that your hair agrees with. Sometimes as much as we want a certain product to work for us it simply doesnt carry the same results as others experience. I personally used the Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie praying one day I would have bomb definition; however, that product was not something my hair agreed with. Not saying its a bad product but it wasnt for me. One thing that would definitely help to determine if its the products reaction to your hair is to work with clarified hair. Over time of trying many different products, along with the environmental aggressors, our hair will have buildup on the strands which prevent products from working accordingly. Clarifying your hair once a month or even twice, depending on your surroundings and activities, will give you a better idea on which products are not in accordance with your hair altogether.
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