my hair are very dry, frizzy and curly.... what should i do now to make them great and smooth?

my hair are frizzy, dry, curly, untidy and difficult to maintain. :(

2 Answers

As Lorraine Massey author of Curly Girl: The a Handbook always says, frizz is a curl waiting to happen.  Frizz is just your hair trying to absorb moisture from the ennvirent around you.  Make sure your using a quality zero lather cleanser and a silicone free botanically enriched condition.  Apply styling products to your hair dripping wet to insure that you are lockong in moisture.  Let air dry and no touching until your hair is 100% dry.
Make sure to moisturize your hair. You can do that by using a leave in conditioner after washingyour hair. There are many leave in condiotioners avaliable, kinky curly knot today is a good one that i can recomend. A leave in condiotioner is bascially a conditioner that you leave in after you have washed your hair. After leaving it in you can seal it with an oil, but soe people finds that it weighs their hair don. Make sure to read, or watch videos about the LOC method, and the curly girl method, there are tons of vidoes on youtube.