My hair has been extremely frizzy, dry, and falling out for the past 7 months... Help?

My hair is 3b. I use a clarifying shampoo (Giovanni Tea Tree and Peppermint Shampoo) once a week. My hair scalp has stopped producing natural oils, and instead it's always dry, itchy and flaky. I have never had this kind of dandruff before, like, it's just too much! I have deep conditioned, nothing. Hair masks, nothing. Oil treatments, and nothing. I have cut the ends (several times this year) and it stills feels damaged. Coconut oil actually makes my hair dryer. I don't straigthen it. I only wash and go. I dyed my hair dark brown last year (November) after dying it red for a year. I dyed it again around May or June. It felt ok, nothing bad. But I stopped dying it. I don't know what else I should do... I'm desperate.

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