My hair is falling out from straightening it so much? My natural hair is embarrassing?

Ive been straightening my hair for so long I cant even remember when I started. I need to stop, but i dont know what to do with my curly hair. I have type 3b curls. My hair is crazy and out of control. What can I do to fix it?

2 Answers

if you want beautiful curly hair , you should give up straightening for awhile because to much heat cause heat damage , heat damage requires deep-conditioner treatments and trimming ends to enhance curls and to promote growth . Try using Coconut oil shampoo and conditioners . Twisting with coconut moisturiser at night is also a good way to reduce fuzziness . This is what I use daily . 
hi, i totally know how it feels 2 want 2 go into hiding because of your curls, but the first step 2 gaining a lovely head of locks is 2 embrace it, they r not the enemy. even though,believe me, it can sure feel like it. but here r a few tips that i hope will help u :) turn down the heat and wear your hair natural more, curly hair is already dry, and very prone 2 heat damage if you MUST wear your hair straight, you should try 2 put on a heat protectant, personally, i use garnier fructis argon oil (photo below), it smells great, reduces frizz, gives your hair a natural shine, and u can find it at target for 4.99 also i will attach a link to a video i have found on making your curls straight heatlessly if you can get the hang of it  when u get in the shower, make sure to use luke warm, or cold water, bc hot water makes your hair frizzy, and could damage your hair use LOTS of conditioner, your hair needs the most moisture it cam get!! also, condition your hair before u shampoo to help prevent it from stripping your hair. make sure the products you use are silicone, alcohol, and sulfate free, these dry out your hair right before u get out of the shower u want to scrunch your hair upwards twords your scalp upside down to release excess water (also do this when styling for more volume). and then dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt, or a microfiber towel, bc, a regular towel soaks up WAY to much moisture and creates lots of frizz.-now with products... there r SO many to choose from, and i really don't know what the best is to use all together, (im still a curly girl in training :)) so when u have curls the only thing to do is experiment and to figure out what your hair likes. although, there r some musts, like leave in conditioner. depending on how thick your hair is, gel or mousse, (gel for thicker hair like me), oil of some type, cream or lotion, and hair spray  with all curls there is going to be a bad hair day. and what i have found very helpful is up-dos, which u can find many great ones on the internet. also, marc Anthony strictly curls lotion, just apply it even if your hair is now dry, and it eliminates frizz totally,(about 5 dollers at walmart) also i have used a spray on mouse for when my hair is lacking volume. and after u apply it just blow dry your hair upside down. always use a diffuser when blow drying your hair when u sleep on your hair, the best thing to do is to put it in a high bun on top of your head so your curls wont get smushed, and try to use a satin pillow case, its less harsh with frizz always keep a spray bottle handy whew, so there u have it, almost all the tips u need, please keep in mind i am not a professional, just another curly trying to be helpful, i have gotten MOST of these tips from many years of doing my own research , reading many articles, and just dealing with my own hair. i really hope this was helpful. and that u will come to terms with that mane of yours... :)