My hair frizzes and then gets really dry even when i put lots of things in my hair? i need help!

i put leave in conditoner and curl pudding in my hair after the shower but after awhile it shrinks and then frizzes up and gets really dry. i keep trying products but nothing is working.

2 Answers

Try putting some oil on your hair right after you wash your hair. I love to use Jamaican black castor oil. It gives great shine and reduces frizz. You can also use coconut oil or make a mixture of the oils you like to use. You could also try a hot oil treatment as well. Hope this helps!!! 
I also want to add that this might just be your natural hair texture. Curly hair is also naturally frizzy, and although we are constantly trying to battle the frizz, it is a natural part of having curly hair, and it's OK to have a little frizz. Try adding an oil to your routine! Your hair looks amazing though, and no more frizzy than that of any other curly girl. It looks like it's just normally dry, not damaged or anything that should be of concern! :)