my hair seems to be going straight and thin since colouring shaving sides it's just grown bk thin

so a few years back I shaved the sides off my long curly natural brazilian hair and then I dyed it a numerous times I can't recall and then I chopped the length kept chopping and then decided to grow the sidesides back which they have and then I chopped all the colour out got bored so I dyed it and then it started to grow and then I recently had it cut - the curls pop with the curly girl method however it is skinny hair there's nothing to it no thickness as in you can see right through it - my hair is curly but it's never been really thick just voluptuous with curls - now it's see through and curly and yes I've used the pick - diffuser and it still looks so thin- then the day after the wash or if I put it up it just goes straight and feels extra soft - atm I Co wash on Wednesdays and deep treat it on Sunday between days I spray it with water and add a leave in conditioner if need be to help curls or the cantu curl activator- I only took note because my hair started to fall out in clumps which worried me a lot!!! Also I've had my second child she is now 1.5 however after my first my hair was healthy and fine grew long even with the colour in it -so I don't know if the birth off my second has effected me ? Since conditioning oh and I've done one treatment off protein by Palmers my hair seems to have less shed - :) I'm on my second week I know I have a long way to go but any tips from the beginning would be great and do you think my hair will ever not be see through? Photos off short hair is me now and long hair was before

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