My hair has gone from thick 3b/3c to thin, 2c/3a and barely holds curl

I dyed my hair for the first time a little less than three years ago and lost my curl pattern, but deep conditioning and protein treatments got it back to 3b. Then, i went to my Dominican salon and I think they put a texturizer in my hair without asking me. I had gone there after I got my curl pattern (mostly) back but forgot to bring my own shampoo like I did in the past. I felt a kind of burning on my scalp, and my hair hasn't been the same since. I was sick of taking care of it looking so sad (like it wanted to curl but couldn't) and shaved most of it off. It still grew back the same really thin it had been before after the salon. My hair used to literally break combs and now it's pretty straight and very thin. I'm at a loss at how to take care of it or how to get it back. I also don't know how to do protective styles with my hair. I'd love to get braids and just forget about my hair but my hair is so thin now. I'd love to hear people's advice! 

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