Why is my hair hardening?

I've discovered my curls at the beginning of 2014 and for the summer it's been okay but now that its getting colder, it's getting frizzer and harder.I find it hard NOT to shampoo because every time I shower, my hair feels hard and frizzy. It's as if the products build up and when I use my conditioner to wash it out, the hardness is still there!What can I do about it?

1 Answer

Because of the harsh winter climate its important to moisturize and seal in that moisture. Check out the loc method . Now when it comes to shampooing because of  using heavier products wich may be necessary for your hair come winter especially you have to clarify atleast once or twice a month to allow your hair to continue to benafit from the moisture you put on it. Also I always say deep conditioning is important even adding an oil to your regular conditioner and leaving it on for half an hour once a week. Some benafit by doing it twice a week.