top of hair isn't curly like bottom. Should I spot perm?

hey guys! So a little background... I have naturally thick curly hair. When I was little they were tight all over curls kind of like Shirley temple. High school came and I began to style, straighten, and had it thinned out. Long story short, my hair has lost the beautiful right curls. I still have curls but they are only on the bottom of my hair and I HATE IT! The front of my hair is curlier than the back too. I cut it short hoping it would cause volume and tighter curls.. an it didn't. I always wanted Julia Roberts in pretty woman or shakira curls . I thought about a spot perm?? My hair routine is black Jamaican castor oil shampo... coconut curl conditioner... depending on knots I usually don't brush my hair . And I add curl conditioning cream with shea butter. I've stopped styling my hair pretty much altogether and don't ever blow dry. TIA . *added a picture to show what it looks like. Hair was damp in pics 

1 Answer

I have a similar problem, but my hair is curlier on top, and very straight underneath. I have some very tight curls on the back of my head, and loser ones in the front.What usually helps me define those straight layers is using a leave in conditioner + curl activator and blow drying with a difusor. The problem with the difusor is that I lose definition on the curlier parts (sucks, I know).Anyway, the curl activator I've been using is the AG recoil, and it's actually impressive how well it works. My hair gets a little crunchy, but as soon as it dries, I "break" it with coconut oil and it looks awesome. It's worth a try!