My hair is VERY long, how can I keep my curls from the gravity weighing them down?

Haven't had a hair cut in years, my hair is at least 23 inches, very fine strands but a LOT of them. I think it is around 3B or 3A usually when first washed, but the gravity really pulls out all my curls after a couple of days and it gets a really confusing texture. I never use heat on my hair, only natural dry. I also try to only wash it once every week or two, using dry shampoo (mostly at the roots) in between.If I were to just wash my hair and let it be on its own without styling, I would not even have curls, but a crazy, undefined ball of frizz jewfro, but that was a few years ago before I knew how to tame it at all. Now after trying a few products and better conditioning, I have managed to tame my curls a bit for the first day or so, but they quickly are stretched and weighed down by gravity, being slept on (even though i braid or do the pineapple thing) and some of the products I tried have also weighed down my hair. After washing, I have tried various creams, puddings, mouses while wet and then scrunch to help my curls form neatly, and also put clips at the top to prevent gravity flattening my roots. I use Argan oil spray after a couple days try to control frizz, but after a few days, my curls go flat or weird in shape, no longer round, but stretched and bent looking. Then my hair ends up expanding a lot in volume and gets a frizzy halo, despite the lack of curl. But usually looks totally flat only at the top of my roots before poofing out in every direction. I love having very long hair, but it ends up looking SO crazy sometimes. Like a creature or something.I feel like my hair would be so much curlier if it wasn't for the gravity. It usually gets super coily/spirally only at the ends and border at shorter pieces, but at the top it falls flat, with slight wave or weird in-between, almost straight and in random other sections. I am trying to get consistent, very curly hair from roots to ends, front to back. I feel like I still have not found the right products. Part of it is colored underneath, so I try to keep that in mind. I am looking into curl activators but I'm not sure what exactly to look for. If anyone has recommendations for something that with strong hold and encourage my curls, or to freshen up the curls after a few days without weighing them down, or any other suggestions for care, that would be super appreciated.I attached a photo, its only been a day or so and been slept on, so as you can see, my curls have already started falling and flatten in places, especially the back. But in another couple days, my hair will look completely different from this and not even curly anymore.Thanks for help! I've been trying to figure out how to do my hair for a long time and definitely needed some advice!

1 Answer

Looks like your texture is fine from the roots and grows out straight.  You have lots of hair but with your texture, the extra weight pulls on your curls.  Getting a trim may reduce weight and let you see more curls for a longer duration.  I have a friend with very similar hair,  the only way she got curls to stay nice and spiral was adding mouse right out the shower and then combing her hair through.  She could do nothing after that but let it air dry.