Hair Porosity type

Hey Jamie,I really want to start the CG method, so I'm trying to map out a regimen. For the past few months I've been trying to figure out what exact porosity level my hair is. When I took the water cup test and the slip and slide test, they all came out with low porosity results. But here's my confusion:My hair always feels super dry and parched, and it takes a good 2-3 minutes for it to get completely saturated with water when I'm in the shower. Yet tends to air dry quickly (around 2 hours). I do have SUPER fine, low density hair, so part of me wonders if it dries quickly because of it.It frizzes like crazy (3a hair if that helps), and looks like sheep's wool when it's not styled (the best way I can describe it is almost afro-like). It takes to color pretty well, and tends to last pretty long. When I got the keratin treatment a couple years ago, it lasted for nearly a year until I finally decided to go back to curly.Leave-ins always make my hair goopy and weighed down unless I use a VERY small amount of it. Deep conditioning treatments leave my hair feeling like straw: dry and rough.I'm truly stumped. Any and all opinions/advice would be so appreciated.

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