Hair problems and confused about what to use?

I am having some trouble with finding a good cleansing conditioner. Nothing but Curly Cleansing is awful, dries hair out something awful. I don't know if I should use conditioner as a leave in, and honestly don't know what type to do that with. This is new to me as I normally just wash with poo once a week and condition wash with whatever I have the rest of the time. I veggie dye my hair, so I have to use things that doesnt strip my hair. My hair is curly underneath, wavy and curly on top but when I use Curl Keeper for some reason it pulls curls out? Does that even sound right? Help girls, I really need some help on what I should do to get rid of frizz and add some volume!!!

2 Answers

Deva Curl No Poo is great because it is very moisturizing.Or you can just use conditioner to co-wash. I do it with Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut Conditioner. Its only 1-2 dollars! And it works great!
I have been having the hardest time finding the Suave Coconut Conditioner around here. I am just going to order some this Friday when he gets paid. It also seems like no matter how I work with a curl defining or anti frizz treatment, I still have halo frizz. I think that I might be missing a step when I do my CG method. I am using a co wash which right now is either my Nothing But Conditioning which I dont care for. It is drying, not real good stuff however I dont have a light conditioner atm. My wash out conditioner or heavy conditioner is Vidal Sassoon color protectant stuff in the white bottle. Then I use Ouidad Climate Control and I finish off with Infusium 23 Leave in. I am still having alot of halo frizz. I am seriously considering just getting the Deva Curl trial stuff, I found a kit for 20 bucks on I prefer the ouidad over the curl keeper because the curl keeper makes the ends of my hair straight as a stick. Not real sure why it does that. Thanks though, I am definitely getting some new stuff this coming weekend.