my hair is straight at the top?

when i do the wash n gyo method, my hair is always straight on top, then 3a curls on the bottom! what is causing this!

1 Answer

Well it is possible to have combination hair. Also, many times 2bs and 2cs think of themselves as type 3s. If you have combination hair, you have type 1/2a at the top, it tapers down to a 2c and then it finishes off with a few 3bs. But, the latter is more likely. Does your hair form thick waves/loose curls? Or does it form s waves? It sounds like it forms thick waves and loose curls, which means that you have 2c hair, which can sometimes be straight at the top. If it forms s waves, which is less likely, your hair is the true definition of wavy hair (type 2b). @b hair is almost always straight at the top but very wavy at the bottom.