Why is my hair straight on my head but curly downwards?

Hey NaturallyCurly!My hair reaches down to my hips when I straighten it. Otherwise it reaches to my bra strap. So anyway when my hair is curly after showering, the first 10cm of my hair is straight, then the next 5cm or so is wavy-ish and the rest is curly. As my hair grows, it gets straighter at the top. Is it because it the weight is pulling it down?Also i use herbal essence body envy shampoo and hello hydration conditioner. I also add a few drops of olive oil to my conditioner because I don't use any serum.Thanks in advance <3

1 Answer

I have the same prob and I hate it. My hair is curlier than yours but not quite as long. My roots are flat too. I have to use a blow dryer and diffuser from Deva Curl to get it to lift. I think it is weighed down a bit and that doesn't help. I don't straighten my hair anymore because I'm afraid one day I'll lose my curl and your hair changes as we get older too. I hope you find a solution.