My hair is super thick and dry I think my curl pattern is 3b/4a I'm not all to sure any advice

I can't seem to get curl definition my in some parts of my hair I can see the s shape and then others I don't see any curl pattern idk if those parts are 4a or are they just not defined I do think I'm a 3b tho I'm not sure what else below in the picture my hair resembles hers you can see curl patterns but then in some you can't so any ideas on what my curl pattern is and how can I make it defined

1 Answer

If your hair looks like the picture, I would actually say that it is 3c/4a with some 3b. To get more definition try using a leave in conditioner first, then putting in some kind of an oil (like coconut oil) and then get a small amount of gel and scrunch it. Hope this helps :)