My hair is type 3a and I never know what to do with my hair - what should I do?

I have type 3a hair and I just got my hair cut shoulder-length. I never know what to do with my hair since it's frizzy, and basically looks awkward with the new cut. I don't ever buy hair care products because it's expensive and my mom doesn't like to buy me stuff like that because she thinks my hair is fine the way it is. I don't think so. I either spend an hour and a half straightening my hair - only to take a shower the next day or two and it goes curly again, or I leave it curly; put it in a ponytail, and have it look like a cotton ball at the back of my head. I've looked all over Pinterest for tips on what to do with my hair but all the pictures are of women with intentionally curly hair, not naturally curly. And re-enacting tutorials and looks off of Pinterest can be quite depressing and disappointing. I've always gotten comments on how beautiful my hair is and when my hair is not straightened, my friend, Chloe has her hands all up in it like a monkey searching for bugs (bad analogy?) I think it'd be less of a hassle if I left my hair the way it was, because when I do straighten my hair, it looks like dry spaghetti. It also damages my hair. I just want to know what I can do to keep my hair under control and not looking like a humongous cotton ball. Thanks! 

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