my hair type c3 I'm mixed my hair is really dry Ive basically tired everything. any recommendations?

My hair has been dyed over a year ago and relaxed over 3-4 years ago. I only use natural products like coconut oil, Shea butter etc. But my hair will.never hold moisture it gets frizzy after an hour. My scalp is always dry and flaky I've tried hot oil treatments, hair masques, leave in conditioners. But they only work for a day or two. I've tired mixed chicks and it didn't work. I just don't know what to do anymore. And if I straighten my hair by the end of the day it will be very very wavy. Also due to my dryness my hair will only grow a little pass my shoulders and I want it to be longer. Can you please help me. Posted a pic of my hair 10 min after wash. And this is the only time my hair looks halfway decent. I used shampoo, conditioner, and hair masque.

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i had the same problem. i had to change my whole routine. i started by deep conditioning or hot oiling over night. not every night, i did it maybe twice a week, until i felt like it helped. i baggied my ends a couple times too overnight. it helped to figure out my porosity too. i have low porosity hair and ive found that if i dry it after i wash it, even with a tshirt its too dry and gets frizzy, for that reason i wring out my hair in the shower and leave it completely soaking wet, dripping and everything, while i apply my products. i do it in four sections. i apply my giovanni direct leave-in conditioner, like a dime size amount, and then on top of that i apply my whipped shea butter mix. i put argan oil, coconut oil and grapeseed oil in it, its made a huge difference in the moisture retention of my hair. i only use a fingertip amount on each section, then i apply my styler. right now im using the argan oil eco styler gel. i shingle that into each section, it defines my curls and clumps them together and theres no frizz. my wash n gos usually last about 3 days, and i multipineapple at night because my hair isnt long enough for one. in the morning i leave them in ponytails and spritz with water, wait til they dry a little and then let them loose and fluff them. spray water in certain areas in want to snap back into place. i think the trick with me is not drying my hair. my hair absorbs all the water and product. it helps to know your porosity and know how to apply your product, as well as which ones are best. coconut oil was too light to seal my moisture in, the shea butter mix was best for me. i also cowash my hair every 3-4 days and clarify every two weeks. maybe youre washing too much or your products are stripping your curls when you wash. i love shea moistures african black soap balancing conditoner, might help with the dry flaky scalp. also