My hair type is wavy like 2A. I love my hair to be like 3B. Are there any ways to get that hair?

2 Answers

Naturally, not really :\ Some people report achieve curlier waves when they start using the curly girl method, but going from a 2a to a 3b doesn't seem likely. You can try styling you hair to look like that! There are perm rods, flexi rods, and small roller sets that may help you achieve your goal. Just know, this isn't a permanent solution. Chemically, you may be able to try a perm. Perms (not the relaxer kind) help to reshape hair so that it holds a curlier pattern. Like a relaxer, I'd imagine you have to maintain the perm every few months as your hair will still grow in a 2a.
Domicurls is right. There is no way other than a curly perm. That would also make it harder to take care of your hair in a sense that it will be chemically processed, and theres no way for this to not lead to some type of damage because it will have to consistently be processed to keep up with the 3b pattern youre going for, since as she said, your hair will still grow in 3b. Naturally, it will always be 2a.