My has two hair types

my hair in the very front, back, and sides are very curly and well defined but the hair at the top center part of my head is very thick, dry and hard to manage. Any tips?

2 Answers

Most curlies have multiple hair types, for instance, I have 3c, but I also have some 3b and some 4a.  I have the same problem- the top center of my head is a lot more coarse and more likely to frizz than the rest of my hair.  The whole top layer of your hair is the part with the most UV damage, since the sun's rays hit it directly.  Some things that you can do to make the top layer of your hair more managable is to first apply more moisturizing products to the top layer of your hair than the rest of your hair.  You could also leave the conditioner on the crown of your head.  That part of your head is a problem spot for a lot of other curlies, and that is the part of my hair that I cannot stand.After my hair is conditioned, I leave all my conditioner in- that makes my crown less frizzy, and more soft. Then I take a quarter sized amount of product, and I graze it downward on the whole top layer of my hair, then I continue to apply my products how I normally would.  That has made that part of my hair a lot more manageable. 
My hair is the same some parts of my head are type 3b others are 3c and I have recently suffered from keratin damage leaving some parts slightly wavy/soft curls. My advice is focus any conditioner/treatment on those areas and look up any nourishing treatment to soften and make those areas healthy.Here is a video I found on YouTube that might help you.