My hair use to get very curly but my curl pattern is completely gone from perms can I bring it back

my curls are only at my roots how do i come back from 11 or 12 years of perming and flat ironing my hair also I have never cut my hair short.

1 Answer

Chemical treatments permanently alter the texture of your hair--that's why they are called "permanent". Flat ironing at too high temperatures over time can also cause damage to your strands. All such damage can be mitigated by rigorous conditioning, but only to an extent. The only way to completely eliminate the damage is to eliminate the damaged hair by cutting it off. If you don't want to do that you will have to learn to deal with the two textures while transitioning. It's doable if you have the patience. If not, go for it, watch some videos to educate and inspire you, and rock short hair! Good luck!