My hair used to have amazing curls and now all of a sudden they've become stringy and lifeless, help

I'm not sure what happened to it. I first noticed it a few months after i moved to another city which is by the ocean and I had cut my hair on my own trying to replicate Bettie Page bangs (i would wear my hair straight a lot) and then literally out of no where my hair just died it was once thick and curly just like a dolls hair and now its frizzy,dry,super stringy, and hardly holds a curl except for the roots. I don;t know what to do to fix it I've tried a few things but nothing helps =/ I'm feeling I should just cut it as short as possible.

1 Answer

It could be product build up. Maybe try a sulphate shampoo and do a deep treatment. This happened to me recently. My hair (3a with 3b around the front) turned limp and stringy. Nothing I did was helping (even cutting it) so I gave up the CG method that I was trying and went back to using sulphate shampoo. My hair sprang up into ringlets while I was still in the shower and after, it dried light, voluminous with tight spirals that lasted for days in between washes. It has been very consistent since then. Give that a go before you cut your hair. I regret cutting mine now knowing all I had was product build up.