My hair has no volume. Help?

I have no volume. I'd leave my house in the beginning of the day with semi-wet hair so it can air dry on my way to school. My the time I get to school, it's pretty much dry. By lunch, the ends of my hair get really big and the top of my head is flat. How can I get more volume and is there a way of not having my ends get to big?

1 Answer

Hi! You have the same hair type as I do. Sometimes gravity can drag your hair down a bit so there's less volume on the top. If you are ok with hairdryers you can try drying it upside-down with a diffuser, but otherwise, if you leave more time for drying (e.g. washing the night before instead so you are just at home) then you can either clip the roots up to get some extra volume there, or 'plop' it for a while (pile it on top of your head in an old t-shirt) so it partially dries on top of your head and isn't dragged down. Hope that helps some! Good luck :)