Hair won't curl anymore?

so ive always dyed my hair and it's been fine but this time I went from brown to light blonde! Now my hair won't curl :( now it doesn't curl I have started using hear too now as it only goes abit wavy and fizzy ... Is there anything I can do or anything I can put on which will help me repair my hair so I can go natural again? The picture I have attached was my hair before now it's just waves ad frizzy 

2 Answers

Your hair is colour damaged, try deep conditioning and if that doesnt bring your curls back then you might have to do what is called transition and let the healthy hair grow while slowly cutting off the damaged coloured part or just cut it all off and start fresh. Unfortunatley with curly hair once it is damaged there is no way to make it curl again.  
Agreed with healthycurly, but try protein treatments in addition to deep conditioning.