the top part of my hair wont curl like the bottom part. might be damaged from flat ironing to much.

I am trying to go natural. I used to flat iron my hair alot but havent since February.  The top part of my hair wont curl like the bottom part. The top part only gets wavy and the bottom create curls at the ends. The top part doesnt gets moisturized like the bottom part. I have tried different things but nothing is working. Will I have to cut my hair to get it to were all of my hair have tight curls at the ends or to were I can get type 3 hair (my natural hair type)

1 Answer

Since you used a flat iron on the front part of your hair, your hair is most likely very heat damaged. You will need to add protein into your hair routine to help restore some of the structure of the hair. Also, after you conditioned your hair in the shower, flip your head over and rinse out the conditioner in this manner. That way, the front peices will still retain most of the conditioner and moisture. If they aren't curling, you can always finger coil the front part to encourage the curl. Hope this helps!