My hair won't grow?

In August (of this year) I decided to relax my hair. For some reason I thought it would be a smart idea to only put the relaxer on my roots (since I was trying to grow my hair out and it was only getting shorter and shorter, and my roots were getting dry & kinky, which my hair is a mix of 3a & 3b) let me back track, my hair used to be extremely curly. They were beautiful, soft, luscious curls full of volume. Last year I got tired of it and constantly straightened and dyed my hair. Then almost a year I go I went cold turkey with straightening/dying my hair. My roots were nice and wavy/curly and my hair was perfect. Let's keep in mind my hair when curly is a little bit past my shoulders and straight up to my boobs. Over the next few months my hair started to get curlier and very very dry. I didnt know what to do. I was moisturizing my hair, I was taking very good care of my hair (at the time) then I decided to start taking biotin as of July 2015 and from then I kind of started to see my hair grow. Then in August I got tired of my short hair, I was tired of my nappy, dry roots. I relaxed my hair. Biggest mistake  of my life. After I relaxed my hair, my hair was very dry, very limp. Had no type of curl pattern. (Only kept the relaxer on for 10 mins) my hair was extremely brittle to the point that I had to cut about an inch/ inch and a half off just to have my hair looking "normal" this is when it hit me. I needed to moisturize my hair ASAP. I started deep conditioning my hair with coconut oil for about a day or 2 every other week. I was using bio silk,argan oil, and it's a 10 leave in. Progressively I got my curls back..kind of. Then I started to noticed that the top parts of my hair were shorter than they should have been. Half of my hair burned off I'm assuming? It horrified me, I lost all self confidence..well currently still don't have any..but that's besides the point, the crown of my head hairs were super looked like someone gave a 7 year old scissors and chopped little pieces of my hair off. I continued doing these treatments, washing my hair once a week, drying my hair with cotton t-shirts, combing my hair with a wide tooth comb..everything I could do to prevent my hair from becoming anymore damaged. And from August to now my hair is "healthy" you could say. It is EXTREMELY short. And some parts of my hair are wavy not curly. I've been taking biotin everyday, also collagen as well. I've been massaging castor oil and this oil called "do grow stimulating growth oil" into my hair for about a month now. I need help onto growing my hair out. I feel so stuck, I feel extremely ugly. I just want my hair to be nice and curly again. I can't do sock buns anymore because when I brush my hair out into a pony tail I have short pieces and long pieces, I can't wear a pony tail anymore because my hairs are so un even. I hate my hair so much and I don't know what else to do. Someone please give advice. I'm gonna put up pictures of my hair before I started straightening it, then after I stopped straightening it, then my hair kind of now (my roots are very thick and curly and my roots and thing and wavy/straight but most of it is curly and thin) what do I do????

1 Answer

Keep up the biotin! It's hard to be patient when you want something so bad! But for starters, you are beautiful and so is your lovely curly hair! You could be a 2b hoping to be a 3b and no amount of patience will give you that! Are you following the Curly Girl Method in term of products? You mentioned a wide toothed comb, a T-shirt for drying and washing less frequently. But, most of the products you listed at the top of the post could be replaced with things that will benefit your hair much more! They are not CG friendly as most of them have silicones which are like a plastic coating on your hair to temporarily make it feel smooth but it prevents moisture from getting in so over time it will actually start to feel drier! And after chemically treating your hair it needs moisture and some protein!  And although you are washing only 1x a week, I think 2x a week with improved products would help it a lot! You can always co- wash (wash with a conditioner only) with a CG approved conditioner like Tresemme Naturals to wash with in between shampoos! You can also use an actual co-wash product, either one. You may find you only shampoo every 10 days! But if you are co-washing and styling in between it is like you are still cleansing it and it wouldn't be noticeable at all! I would also recommend a deep conditioner not just coconut oil. One that has protein in it. Two lines to look into would be the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor Oil (for growth) and also their Yucca & Plantain (for anti-breakage).  Shea Moisture Yucca has a styling milk that would be moisturizing and help with frizz! The JBCO line has a styling lotion and also the leave in (the latter feels like an oil once you touch it, a little goes a long way!) Right now Walgreens is having a 25% off online and you can often find Shea Moisture line on bogo their or at Ulta! Let me know what you do and how it goes! I am almost positive you will start to see a change if you started with Shea Moisture and the Curly Girl Method! (you can check out Youtube for info on CG if you aren't familiar). Best!