What to do with my hair after working out?

I work out pretty often, about 4 times a week, and afterwards my hair is SO frizzy and I don't know what to do! Once a week I have a workout class, and then afterwards I have something else going on, so I can't exactly was my hair in between. I also hate washing my hair more than twice a week anyways. On the other days when I work out I usually go home straight after, and after all the sweat has dried I dampen the roots a bit with a spray bottle just filled with water, and I put in my Curling Smoothie from Shea Moisture and that works for a while but after that the frizz is back, what can I do?(My hair is somewhere in between 3b and 3c if that helps)

2 Answers

I don't know if you're looking for style or what. For styles, you could try putting your hair in a bun(if it's long enough) with some leave in conditioner to help keep it moisturized. You could also(again, if your hair is long enough) put it in a braid. 
Something I like to do after a workout is spray a mix of water and leave-in conditioner on my hair. My hair usually feels a little sticky after this, but then I throw it into a bun, put on a shower cap, and take my shower. The steam from the shower helps my hair absorb the product, so it isn't sticky afterwards. I also sometimes add a little watered-down gel too, and this gives my hair some more hold.Hope I helped! :)